Virgil Siedhoff

Virgil Siedhoff

“We are a Trucking Company specializing in deep frozen loads and have been using Cooling Concept trailer leasing for the last nine years. Their back-office has really helped support us if we have any issues with loads and or maintenance. They have also helped us with a customer’s design on a specialty trailer.  Great Company!”

Paul, Sr. Director of Fleet

“We’re a Food Distribution Company that rely on Cooling Concepts trailer leasing full service maintenance programs to help control our maintenance cost during and at the end of the term. This is done by preventative scheduled programs. Other benefits are the reduction in down time, response time and their back- office support which allows us to focus our efforts on our core business, knowing that they have our back.”

Dave Anderson

“Our company is a Logistic Company that was introduced to Cooling Concepts trailer leasing over three years ago. We had a special equipment spec and terms with our client that Cooling Concepts was able to meet and deliver on time with new dairy trailers. Their maintenance cost has been on the money. We are not good with maintenance and their team is demanding of our team to make trailers available to the point we aren’t sure where there at, but Cooling Concepts does. They’re easy to work with and their customer service/ back office support are outstanding.”

Santo Scavuzzo

“Our company is a Specialty Distributor that utilizes Cooling Concepts trailer leasing full-service leasing program to support our specialty Multi-temp trailers. They had equipment available when others could not support us at the time. The data reporting tools helps us manage our fleet and their Fleet Service Center has been outstanding to work with when we do have an issue.”

Thank you, guys for all you do.

Ed Chouinard

“Our company is a Chicago based Meat/Food Distributor we made the switch from a leasing company that we did business with for years to Cooling Concepts, trailer leasing. Some of the main reasons for us to make this switch was customer service, addition to detail, proactive approach to maintain our trailers and their Fleet Service Center that is proactively searching for alarm codes before they happen.”  They also understand our business needs and we have used them as consultants to better manage our fleet operations.

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