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Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal For Maintaining Your Fleet Is Included Standard With All Refrigerated Trailer Leases.

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Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal For Maintaining Your Fleet Is Included Standard With All Refrigerated Trailer Leases.

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The Customer Portal saves time and money and comes standard on all Cooling Concepts Refrigerated trailers. Our customers appreciate this value-added feature that provides on-demand accounting and tracking of important documents, including:

2-Way Refrigeration Communication

The client can communicate with the unit and do a multitude of things. The client can turn the unit on/off remotely, change the set temperature remotely, monitor temperatures, and monitor driver behavior.

Utilization Reporting

Clients have the ability to run reports on usage data. This data includes engine hours, cleaning records, and maintenance records.

FHWA/DOT Inspections

FHWA/DOT Inspections are uploaded to the system on a regular basis, ensuring that the most recent document is available to the customer.

Cleaning Logs

Electronic record keeping of trailer washing, as required by the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA).

Trailer Registrations

Each trailer’s registration is uploaded to the reporting system for ease of access for our customers.

Monthly Invoices

Invoices are uploaded on a regular basis for the customer to review and accept. Cooling Concepts is a paperless billing company, so this will be the primary resource for receiving invoices. Customers will also receive a courtesy email notifying them when invoices are ready for review and payment.

Rebill Documentation

Customers will have access to all documentation regarding rebills. This will include photo backup of all damage, pro-rated tire information, and descriptive invoicing. Customers will have access to this information via the Customer Portal and will receive a courtesy email when the documentation has been uploaded.

Maintenance History Reports

Customers will have access to monthly maintenance reports for their fleet of Cooling Concepts trailers. This report will document every work order service request, all work performed, and the corresponding date. Each part used and all labor done is documented to give the customer record of what has been performed on the trailer. This report is generated on a monthly basis and uploaded to the reporting system for review.

Educational Tools

Within the Customer Portal, customers will find educational tools aimed to help with every day processes. Tools on proper loading and unloading procedures, instructional videos, and best practices are preloaded to the customer’s account for immediate access.

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