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Maintenance and Roadside Assistance

We offer customer-focused enhancements that are beyond our clients’ expectations.

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Cooling Concepts

Maintenance and Roadside Assistance

We offer customer-focused enhancements that are beyond our clients’ expectations.

Cooling Concepts is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if the need arises. Additionally, our preventative maintenance feature, available on both the trailer and refrigeration units, reduces downtime on the road, saving your business money. Ensuring your equipment is road-ready means your delivery arrives on time, every time.

We take refrigeration trailer leasing beyond our clients’ expectations, offering web-based account management solutions, satellite trailer tracking systems, PSI tire air-up systems, Gold Service preventative maintenance programs, and 24/7 Roadside Assistance. These customer-focused enhancements include:

Satellite Tracking to Expedite Repairs

Satellite tracking allows for us to quickly determine the position of the unit/trailer in question. Doing this allows our fleet Management team to go through their data base to find our closest vendors to send out and makes repairs and reduce downtime.

On-Site Preventative Maintenance

Our shop goes through and performs preventative maintenance on all trailers before they leave our yard and into the in the hands of our customers. We also keep a close record of this maintenance, that is available to our customers on the CCL Portal.

National Account Service Programs

We hold multiple national accounts with vendors all over, so that we can provide our customers with top quality service.

Driver Follow-up During & After the Repair Completion

Our Fleet Management center will constantly be in contact with the driver/ customer who called in service. They will call the driver/ customer when a vendor has been found and service has been scheduled, along with and estimated time of arrival (ETA). They will then call to notify the driver/customer when repairs have been completed.

Maintenance database logs all breakdowns for customer viewing

When our Fleet Management Center receives a call, they open a ticket and transcribe what was said on the call, the breakdown location, the vendor that was called, what repairs are needed, when repairs are complete, and what repairs where done. Each unit/trailer’s ticket is then uploaded to the Customer Portal, which our customers have access too, and can be reviewed by the customer.

Scheduled preventative maintenance based on use

Our back-office support keeps track of all scheduled preventative maintenance, based off engine ours, or time. When it is time to schedule preventative maintenance, we will call the customer and notify them that preventative maintenance is needed. We will then work with the customer to schedule a time when the unit/trailer is available for maintenance. Then we will call out one of our vendors to go out and perform the preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections Included

Preventative reefer maintenance (PMs) and Department of Transportation inspections are included in our standard, full-service leases.

24/7 breakdown coverage

Our Fleet Management Center is on call 24/7, 7 days a week to aid our customers. Customers can reach our Fleet Management Center by dialing 1-866-225-7623.

DOT paperwork easily accessed in the Customer Portal

All records and paperwork for Department of Transportation inspections (DOT) are uploaded to the Customer Portal. This is done for the sake of transparency; it gives access to our customers and allows for them to see that our units/trailers are update and road ready.

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