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CCL Service Center

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Cooling Concepts

CCL Service Center

We are Your Maintenance Provider

Cooling Concepts takes the hassle out of maintenance. By utilizing our maintenance programs, your company will see decreased downtime, access to more data and insight, and potentially reduced cost of human resources. Our preventative maintenance maximizes utilization of equipment and lease terms, saving the client money and time.

We are Your Breakdown Solution Center

Cooling Concepts utilizes the most up-to-date technology to get drivers rolling more efficiently. Our Fleet Service Solution Center has finger-tip access to all of the historical data surrounding the fleet, and are capable of making the best decisions for each piece of equipment. Our staff is trained to handle all aspects of our equipment and has the full ability to carry out issues with tire, trailer, and refrigeration needs.  Additionally, all maintenance and repair data is tracked digitally and shared with our clients, being completely transparent about how we handle your fleet.

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