The Cooling Concepts

53 Foot Refrigerated Trailer

Single Temp


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Cooling Concepts

53 Foot Refrigerated Trailer

Single Temp

The Cooling Concept’s 53-foot single-temp refrigerated trailer Multi-Temp is designed to haul products that require various temperatures and is the largest trailer we have. It is great for maintaining a single temperature and for those long country/ statewide long hauls.

Cooling Concepts Standard

We at Cooling Concepts are here to help the client and change the standard in refrigerated trailer leasing. We do that by offering are client these features for no extra cost:

Aero Solutions

Provides a 5.5% improvement in fuel mileage

Solar Panels

Extends the battery life to reduce downtime

GPS & Temperature Reporting

Remotely monitor temperature, location, and driver behavior

Air ride Suspension

Extremely Smooth Ride to protect Cargo

PSI tire Inflation

Reduce Road Service calls and improve economy

Low rolling Resistance tires

Reduces harmful emissions and Fuel usage

Hybrid refrigeration units.

Ability to operate on both diesel and electric

Fuel Efficiency

Our Smartway® trailers exceed California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations, saving our fleet partners fuel and money while protecting the environment.

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Customer Portal

Featuring on-demand accounting, storing and tracking of important documentation, the Customer Portal portal saves time and money and is a value-added standard feature on all Cooling Concepts refrigerated trailer leases.

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Cool Connect Satellite Tracking

Satellite tracking allows you to pinpoint truck locations, protect your assets, and determine exactly when to expect delivery. In short, it takes the guesswork out of refrigeration transportation.

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Maintenance and Roadside Assistance

In the case of needing roadside assistance, Cooling Concepts is on-call 24/7. Additionally, our preventative maintenance package, available on trailer and refrigeration units, reduces breakdowns and costs.

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Trailer Options

Along with the Cooling Concept Standard, there is a list options to help further customize our trailers to our client’s specific needs. These options are:

  • Moveable Bulkheads
  • Etrack
  • Interior lighting
  • Walk ramps
  • Side mount Ramps
  • Lift Gates
  • Pop-up air chutes (center)
  • Side chutes
  • Weigh Scales
  • Side Skirts
  • Trailer Undertray System
  • Puncture Guard tires

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