ITA Southern Illinois Council Meeting

ITA Meeting

The ITA Southern IL Council met on Thursday in O’Fallon, IL. Eric Gallien provided a legislative update and the 2018 officer elections were held. The 2018 officers will be:

Bob Stock – Chairman

Joe Newman – Vice Chairman

Bob Christ – Secretary

Scott Synoground from Meritor shared information about new safety technology available on trucks today. Don White represented Cooling Concepts for this meeting.

How to Face an FSMA Audit with Confidence

Food Safety Modernization Act

As the operator of a private fleet in the food transportation industry, you may be struggling to get your arms around the new Food Safety Modernization Act regulations.


If so, you’re not alone.


As one of the early adopters of the FSMA regulations, Cooling Concepts has been adhering to FSMA guidelines since well before compliance was required. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to share the following insights that could help you face an FSMA audit with confidence.


Why was FSMA enacted?

The FSMA takes a fresh approach to protecting public health in regard to the safety and security of American’s food supply. Rather than “react” to problems after they occur (e.g., recalls), the FSMA is designed to help prevent them in the first place.


How will refrigerated transport be impacted?

The FSMA focuses on high-risk foods and the places along the supply chain where failures might occur. By nature, refrigerated foods are high risk. New FSMA rules are designed to further improve safety and prevent spoilage.


Why should I comply?

Change inevitably has its pain points. Yes, companies like yours must come up with written procedures and educate their employees on how to follow them. But once you do, you’ll have a system in place that not only protects public health but also your brand, your reputation, and your risk of liability. And that could prove to be a real asset in the future.


What if I don’t comply?

Failure to maintain temperature control or other infractions can result in food cargo that is ineligible for sale or distribution – a costly mistake. The FSMA aims to help you avoid these costly errors while also keeping the food supply safer. Plus, it’s the law. Failure to comply with the FSMA can lead to injunctions or even criminal prosecution.


What if we’re audited?

It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.” To put your best food forward, visualize how a good audit might go – anticipate the questions that will be asked and the answers you will provide. Have a copy of your written procedures ready and waiting so there’s no scrambling. And always make sure that your documentation is up to date and mirrors what the auditor sees upon arrival.


How soon do I need to be in compliance?

  • If your annual receipts exceed $27.5 million, you should already be in compliance
  • If your annual receipts are less than $27.5 million, you have until April 2018
  • If your annual receipts are less than $500,000, you are exempt


How do I know if FSMA regulations apply to me?

If you transport any of the following foods, the new FSMA rules apply to you:

  • Foods that get transported in bulk (e.g., fruit juice)
  • Packaged foods that aren’t fully enclosed in a bag or box (e.g., fresh produce)
  • Any food that requires temperature control to avoid spoilage


Understanding the Requirements


The FSMA establishes requirements for:


  • Vehicles and Transportation Equipment

– Must be suitable for transporting refrigerated food

– Must be cleanable to allow for the sanitary transport

– Vehicles and equipment must be stored in a way that prevents contamination, adulteration, or an infestation of pests


  • Transportation Operations

– Must take measures to maintain adequate temperature controls

– Must prevent contamination of ready-to-eat food from touching raw food

– Must protect food from contamination by non-food items in the same load or previous load

– Must protect from cross-contact (e.g., the unintentional incorporation of a food allergen)

– Must prevent food from becoming filthy, spoiled, inedible, or hazardous if consumed


  • Temperature Controls

– Vehicles and equipment must be equipped to protect foods requiring specific temperatures

– Carriers must come to an agreement with FSMA about procedures for monitoring temperatures and be able to document these procedures on demand


  • Written Procedures

– Food carriers and shippers must establish written procedures for cleaning and sanitizing vehicles and equipment

– Recordkeeping must be kept for 12 months and include documentation regarding cleaning, content of prior loads, and temperature control


  • Information Exchange

– The FSMA establishes the protocol for communication between the shipper, the carrier, and the receiver in regard to information about prior loads, equipment cleaning, and temperature control (e.g., a carrier that has previously hauled a nut-based product would need to be able to ensure that the next load is at no risk for the incorporation of a food allergen)


  • Training

You must be able to document that your employees have received training in regard to:

– Sanitary transportation practices

– Knowledge about food safety problems

– The responsibilities of a carrier (including what to do if a problem occurs during transport)


To Simplify Compliance, Update Your Equipment


One of the easiest ways to make sure your carrier operations are FSMA compliant is to update your vehicles and equipment. Newer equipment is more likely to be equipped with the technology to simplify and document tracking in case of a recall. Also, the newer your equipment, the less likelihood of unexpected breakdowns that could result in food spoilage.


Cooling Concepts refrigerated trailer leasing provides all clients with the latest technology available in the industry. State-of-the-art Cool Connect satellite tracking software allows you to instantly pinpoint truck locations, protect your assets, and determine exactly when to expect delivery. In short, it takes the guesswork out of refrigeration transportation.


Features include:

  • GPS Tracking
  • 2-Way Refrigeration Communication
  • Real-Time Temperature Reporting
  • Driver Behavior Management
  • Utilization Reporting
  • Routing Playback Capabilities
  • Geofence Protected Equipment
  • Customized Report Capabilities


The Information You Need, at Your Fingertips, 24/7


Cooling Concept partners appreciate the convenience of on-demand accounting, storing and tracking of important documentation – all stored on the CCL Cloud, all designed to keep you FSMA compliant. It’s just another value-added standard feature on all Cooling Concepts refrigerated trailer leases.

Call Cooling Concepts Refrigerated Trailer Leasing @ 866-CCL-ROAD to learn more!


Good Food Concepts, LLC. Recalls Beef Products Due To Possible E. Coli O26 Contamination

Cooling Concepts Attends IFDA Smart Conference

From the Desk of the President

We/Cooling Concepts took a different approach by attending the 2017 IFDA Smart Conference, “Food for the Sales & Marketing Mind”. For years we have attended the IFDA Food Distribution Conference, however, listening and learning more about what Distribution Sales & Marketing people are facing in today’s ever-changing environment was really worth our time. Let’s face it, we’re in a digital world and the Millennials and Generation Z are the growing future. Companies need to invest and change to supply more data, create a more attractive atmosphere, and better overall experience for the new generations. How do companies attract this generation of people to help guide their companies to the next levels of business growth? What steps and changes will Food Distributors and their supporting vendors need to take to grow with the challenges of the nearing future?


This conference opened my eyes as I heard from the speakers, sales and marketing representatives of some very important Food Distribution providers like ConAgra Foodservice, Dot Foods, Flanagan Foodservice, Frosty Acres Brands, McCain Foods, and Merchants Foodservice to name a few.


I truly feel that I got more out of this conference than other conferences that we’ve attended in the past.


From the Desk of the President

Cooling Concepts Attends The TCA Refrigerated Division Meeting

TCA Refrigerated Division Meeting

The Truckload Carriers Association’s Annual Refrigerated Division Meeting, entering its 34th year, has established itself as the premier meeting for industry professionals focusing their operations on temperature-controlled equipment. This year’s meeting was held at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA right on the Pacific Ocean. Attendees were provided with great opportunities to meet with their industry peers to discuss problems, share ideas, and seek solutions unique to their specialized area of operations. Tim Shasserre and Don White attended on behalf of Cooling Concepts.

National Transportation Alerts

2017 Client & Vendor Appreciation Golf Outing

The 2017 Cooling Concepts Golf Outing at Pevely Farms

On June 8th, 2017, Cooling Concepts hosted our 2nd Annual Client & Vendor Appreciation Golf Outing. It was a beautiful day for golf at Pevely Farms Golf Club in Eureka, MO. This event is something that Cooling Concepts is proud to host to show our appreciation to our wonderful clients and vendors for their commitment and loyalty. Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed the day with us!


Nestle USA Inc. Due To Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

Nestle USA Inc. Recalls Chicken Pizza and Chicken Lasagna Products Due To Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

Nestle USA Inc. is recalling approximately 267,024 pounds of chicken pizza products, produced at its Little Chute, Wisconsin establishment, and chicken lasagna products, produced at its Springville, Utah establishment that may be contaminated with extraneous materials.

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service sent this bulletin at 03/10/2016 05:56 PM EST

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