CCL Cloud

Are you an existing fleet partner looking to log into your Cooling Concepts CCL Cloud portal? Click here.

The CCL Cloud portal saves time and money and comes standard on all Cooling Concepts Refrigerated trailers. Our customers appreciate this value-added feature that provides on-demand accounting and tracking of important documents, including:

  • FHWA/DOT inspections
  • Cleaning logs
  • Trailer registrations
  • Monthly invoices
  • Rebill documentation
  • Maintenance history reports
  • Educational tools

Want to learn more about the CCL Cloud portal, and how it can help keep your refrigeration transportation business papers all in one easy-to-access place? Call us at (866) CCL-ROAD or [email us here]

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Ready to experience a new standard in refrigerated trailer leasing? Call us at (866) CCL-ROAD or email us today.